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The same signs that we all see in the sky have been seen by many of our ancestors, thousands of years ago. The glyphs that our ancestors took the time to carve were trying to warn us of swirls, followed by what looks to be a very high tsunami's. Here is a glyph which reveals exactly what we are talking about:

Here we can see a spiral, and then what looks to be a dead fish, with man fleeing to the mountains with a goat, from the giant waves. Take note, that almost all of these ancient glyphs were found in the mountains.

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If Planet X Was Real

Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but no one is entitled to distort the facts, and the evidence, unless they have an agenda of their own. Whether you believe in planet X or not, is your decision, at this point all we can do is warn people to start preparing for disasters, as they look to be increasing.

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Our opinion is that if planet X was in our solar system you would see preparation from those in power, and we see that with millions of hallow point bullets purchased by the D.H.S, we see underground shelters built all around the country in places such as the Missouri Ozarks and the Denver New World airport.

If planet X was in our solar system we would see countries at war over resources and power, and that is exactly what we see today with wars, and rumors of wars. If planet x was real we would see the beginning stages of food shortages, which we see at the grocery store with rising food prices and the amount of food that you receive being smaller just about everyday.

Here is an interesting quote from blogger Eileen M. Adams about shrinking food sizes:

A five-pound bag of granulated sugar has now shrunk to four pounds. Not just the off-brands, but the name brands as well.

Those who do a lot of baking, or jelly and jam making, know that one less pound means we have to buy more sugar to make the same amount of cookies or jam.

By now we're all accustomed to the nonexistent "pound" of coffee that has shrunk from 16 ounces, to 15, to 12, and now, a mere 10 or 11 ounces. Amazing. A pint's a pound, the world around that has to be an antiquated colloquialism now. www.sunjournal.com

All of the signs are there, the question is, will the masses read them?

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Invaluable Sources

https://greatplainsproductions.com - Certainly worth exploring.
https://rightsideofhistory.ca - Your images ended up being superb.
https://mmopa.com - Thank you for the proofread 🙂 I'm the worst speller.
https://wallingfordmediagroup.com - Glad I stumbled upon this business.
https://boxav.co - Thank you for the critique. I am the most horrible speller.

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