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The day that we captured the photo above was a day that we will never forget, because we knew it was a genuine capture. The object was behind the telephone wires, and the sun was setting more south east at the time.

Now you know exactly why the sky has been so foggy at sunset time, the powers that be are literally spending billions of dollars trying to mask the intruder planet x.

To Make A Long Story Short

The sky started off very clear at first with the sun visible for moments, and then towards the evening time the chemical trails became very, very thick as you can see in the is photo:

Now that is one blanket of clouds that don't move very much at all, it's like the clouds ate too many donuts. Anyways, the only time that you see this amount of cloud cover is when planet x is more visible.

You can quote me on this:

I have never, ever, ever, seen the sky turn this red at sunset time.Esx

There are no amount of chemical trails they can spray to try to cover up the red skies facing directly west

Of course, earthshiftx is not the only person seeing the skies turn blood. Here is a blood red sky photo from viewers like you:

Only months separate from chaos according to our source, so it is a wise decision to start stocking up on what you need to make it through one awful day. It is not easy to face the truth, so you are to be commended if you are reading this article at the time.

At this point, anything could happen, and the earlier that the governments are honest with the people of the world the better. However, it will not be an easy task to begin warning people about the poleshift and planet x nearby.

Truth is, people are having fireballs explode over their houses, so the time for dancing around why all this is happening is over for the powers that be.

Watch For Martial Law

Dahboo7 posted a video on drills taking place in Arkansas, which isn't that far away from the new madrid seismic zone. As the earth begins to make it's adjustments and the earth tears at the seams, there sure will be mass panic.

At the current time there are earthquakes we have felt in the Mississippi, with blood red skies. On top of that there is one other person we know mentioning their mouth turning bitter.

We'll have a very important update coming out soon, so stay tuned and thank you for visiting.

This is the not the end but the beginning of something new! Esx


Other earthquakes which struck after we published the video above include a strong 5.4 along the mid-Atlantic ridge at a depth of 2km. A 5.3 earthquake struck in Vanuatu at a depth of 83 km and a 5.1 in Chiapas Mexico. There were no damages to buildings or injuries to report in these three earthquake events. source

The current earthquake activity strong at the moment with several 4.0 4.9 earthquakes today, and one event that triggered over a 100 comments.

The entire planet is building up an immense amount of pressure at the moment, and its important to have an earthquake plan ready to go just in case something happens.

Breaking news- 5.9 earthquake just struck in Sulawesi Indonesia at a depth of 30km with one person saying the following:

"The earthquake lasted about 1 minute, longer than earthquakes I've experienced in the past. It definitely felt like the ground was swaying underneath me. The chairs and curtains in my house both swayed and moved."


Mega Landslides

One topic we wanted to touch on briefly were some of the recent large amount of landslides that have been taking place with virtually no main stream media coverage of course.

The following is a list of some of the larger events which took place recently:

Expect more of this leading all the way up until the poleshift, and expect no timely of planet x in our solar system.

read more

Earths Magnetosphere

The earths magnetic field lines have taken a pounding from planet x in recent years, and now we've reached the moment where the effects of planet x cause these field lines to compress on a more regular basis.

As with many of the instruments that are out there, so much is manipulated especially in recent times.

Gas Explosions Will Only Get Worse

On March 13 2015 a man was blow through a Seascale house and across the road. Residents living near by had to be evacuated in this traumatic event. source

Here is a video which shows a huge gas explosion taking place recently:

This is going to be the new normal as planet x gets closer, the earth is making small adjustments and any piping or water mains that are nearby are the victims of circumstance.

Extreme Weather


We have a very important video coming up on our YouTube channel that you don't wanna miss, it's visibility is increasing and we have never seen a red sky like the one we witnessed today!

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We posted a new research update today on an object found in the western skies of Italy. Here is the video below of what we found out about this object:

For starers this object never moves and is always in the same location every day, there is no doubt that it is a real object and now that there was cloud cover it has been verified.

Now let's see if there are any other strange things on these Italy web cams, because the object that we captured resembled this exact same object in this Italy web cam.

Bibione Adria - This webcam revealed something interesting, what we can clearly see is that there are two light sources to the sky, one to the left of the web cam, and one to the right of the web cam.


On March 1st 2015 the following video was posted by YouTuber IKTTOTW, highlighting a secondary object to the 10 o'clock position to the sun at 36,000 feet. Just like our image that we captured, IKTTOTW witnessed the object with the naked eye.

Here is a snapshot of the original image:

Let's look at the inverted version of the image using MS paint:

The first thing we can see is the lens flare off to the right of the screenshot , which has a redcolor to it. If this is a real object there should be some type of light shining on it from the sun.

Let's take a look at a close up image of the inverted version of the object using color enhancement in light room:

What we can see is the slight brightness to the right side of the object , and a dark color which imitates the suns color as well.

In the next photo we adjusted the temperature settings using Lightroom 5 and this is the result:

What we can see is the object's light matching the same colors as the sun, with a green hue around both the sun and the object in question.

Let's take a look at a few other different color variations:

As the colors were adjusted we noticed a section of the object in question showing a brown color during this color adjustment.

Now let's take a look at the green color spectrum:

Lens Flare Comparison

Here is a snapshot of a different video by Rob Forest in 2012 showing lens flares at the 6 o'clock and 8 o'clock position. When comparing the color of these lens flares at high altitude, to the color of the object in question , we can see the color depth of Ikttotw's object is greater than the flares in the below snapshot:

Here is a side by side comparison to the Ikttotw snapshot and the Rob Forest snapshot.

Let's take a look at another photo that is more similar to the object in question by YouTuber Levikj in 2012:

Starting at 4:04 what you can see clearly is that all of the objects disappear once the sun has been partially covered.

Here is the image inverted:

At the 3:50 mark in the video above, what we can see is that all of the objects in this video move, so these are all lens flares. Now lets adjust the coloring in lightroom5 and see if the sun reflects light off the lens flare:

For this particular video, we have nothing but lens flares, because the objects move in the video.

When it comes to IKTTOTW's video the object at the 10 o'clock position does not move at all! and there seems to be more light reflecting off of it after enhancing the colors.

At the end of the day, it is up to the viewer to decide, and come to their own conclusion.

Other Interesting Photos & Video


Notice the entire sky change its color, after the sun dips below the horizon. Look at how the sun doesn't cover as much of the sky as the second light source.

The next photo is an interesting find as well , because the original clip has been removed from the web cam:

Here is the link to the web cam if you want to watch this cam before anything else is taken off:

The original video frame is gone now, and the number of days has gone back from three days to just two days in the archive footage as well. (more photos)

For some photo's out there it is important to understand that earth orbits around the sun every year, so if there was a large object right next to the sun there should be a poleshift within a year.

However, what could be happening is if this is coming from behind the sun, which would explain the extra illumination after sunset.

Share your thoughts below

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